Sephora Valentine’s Marketing Email Design

For this hypothetical Sephora campaign, I wanted to grab the customer’s attention with a cohesive color palette and romantic images. The email is broken up into three potential product categories Sephora would be promoting in February; lips, scents and eyes.

Because there was no actual campaign for me to go off of, I had alot of fun imagining what a Valentine’s Edit could actually look like in terms of content as well as visual imagery.

I did some market research and looked into what products were trending on social media, which ones were cult classics and which were trendy, who was the main consumer profile, and finally what was Sephora promoting currently on their website. 

I decided that lips would be the top priority of what products were being promoted that month, both because of the research and to go along with the concept of Valentine’s Day. I elaborated on the lip category more than the scents and eyes. For the lip category, I broke the page into two themes of lip products for Valentine’s Day; A.)Chocolates (more mature and subtle products) and B.)Candies (more playful and youthful products).

The user would be able to access any of the categories by clicking the maroon “Shop The (blank) Edit,” under each description.

To end the promotional email, I wanted to leave the viewer with something as sweet and cheeky as the tone of the email, so it ends with a love you from Sephora

Tuesday Oct 5 2021