Emergency Intercom Podcast Cover Design

Emergency Intercom is a comedic podcast by social media influencers Enya and Drew where they discuss current trends on social media, conspiracy theories, their daily lives and pretty much anything on their minds.  

I wanted to encapsulate the host’s overall vibes so I scanned their various social media platforms and watched their podcast on youtube to see their personal styles. 

While the podcast is comedic in nature, their fan base is somewhat niche, artistic and alternative. This is most likely due to the music they publicly promote, their interests in movies, as well as having somewhat vintage styles in clothing. 

I decided to draw the hosts in a demi- vintage cartoon style reminiscent of betty boop especially in Enya’s look. I then took inspiration from looks they’ve done many times for their styling and just played around with type face and color. 

When it came to layout and design aspects, I looked towards vintage Japanese posters and styles as the podcast hosts find inspiration in this style for clothing frequently. I then added a paper layover to create an even more vintage look.

While I did this project as a portfolio piece and not for the podcast officially, I really enjoyed doing the background research and creating something that could really be used and hopefully enjoyed by the podcast and their fans. 

Tuesday Oct 5 2021