Rachel Glucksman


My name is Rachel Glucksman and I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer!


I began my creative career as an Illustrator, graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration! 

Lately, I have transitioned into more design oriented work as I am really interested in graphic design and branding. However, I like to apply my Illustration style and characteristics every chance I get!  

My mission is to create design work that incorporates illustration techniques in a compelling way. I know that aesthetic is just as important as function to consumers when it comes to their interest in a product or service. It’s all about Good Design!

I am trained in traditional art forms like oil painting and observational drawing as well as in digital design and image creation. I have experience in freelance art and design, branding, product design, surface design, book design and poster design. I would love to gain more professional experience in these fields and demonstrate my abilities! 

Some passions of mine outside of the art and design world include listening to podcasts, watching thriller movies, reading books and hanging out with my three cats. I am super interested in the history of hip hop music, popular culture, psychology and human behavior, and how topics like these intertwine in our society.

Thanks for checking out my work!

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021